I'm passionate about enhancing Developer Experience and my writings reflect that. In particular, I love following GitHub’s evolution, connecting it to the broader context of Developer Experience, and delivering actionable insights that developers can apply immediately to their work.

Sorting PR Checks by Their Status
30 April 2024
2023: The Year We Made CI 4x Faster
31 January 2024
What's up with GitHub?
08 November 2023
Upgrading with Ease: The Launch of Unified CI 2.0 for Developer Workflows
23 August 2023
New GitHub Features: Org Archiving, Grouped Dependabot Updates, and Action Permissions Tool
07 July 2023
New Self-Hosted Runners
12 June 2023
GitHub Universe Reveal and Action Caches Management
10 May 2023
The Copilot X Revolution
28 March 2023
Automated GitHub Releases: The New Unified CI Feature
08 February 2023
Introducing Roadmap View and Hierarchical Tasklists
02 February 2023
Enter 2023 with Enhanced Code Search, Actions Importer, and Security Upgrades
11 January 2023
Day 2 at GitHub Universe: Open Source Aid for Ukraine!
10 November 2022
GitHub Universe Highlights: Voice-Activated Copilot and More!
09 November 2022
Key Updates from Git, Actions, and Project Management
21 October 2022
Transition to Go 1.19 and Enhanced Testing
18 August 2022
Action Cache Management, Git 2.37 Release, and Copilot for All
11 July 2022
IPDX x Security Audit
16 June 2022
GitHub's Latest Updates: Skills, Security, and Achievements
14 June 2022
GitHub Projects Beta and Notion Synced Blocks
17 May 2022
How to work within GitHub Actions Free Plan limits?
20 April 2022
Announcing Unified CI with Go 1.18 and JS support
04 April 2022