Action Cache Management, Git 2.37 Release, and Copilot for All

11 July 2022

Better late than never, right? I’ve been a bit preoccupied with IPFS Things 2022 preparations lately, but I’m back and ready to bring you the news from the GitHub world! Let’s go!

♻️ You can finally list and delete GitHub Actions caches! I’ve been waiting for this one for a loooooong time.

🚤 Git 2.37 is out! If you’re on macOS or Windows and you’re working with big repos, you might want to upgrade and do:

git config core.fsmonitor true
git config core.untrackedcache true # optional

It enables file system monitor which should speed up your git commands going forward.

🎊 Git Merge is coming back as an in-person event. It’s going to be held in Chicago, September 14-15. Get your tickets here if you’re interested.

💑 GitHub Copilot is generally available now. By this time, you probably have already heard about AI programming help from GitHub. It just left its beta and is being offered for $10/month (free for OS contributors).

📈 The dependency graph is not limited to static dependency analysis anymore. You can use the new Submissions API to inject additional information about dependencies during build time.

🚰 While we’re on dependencies, you can now filter dependabot alerts by scope. JS and Rust are supported, among others.

🍴 You can now create forks in the same organization as the original repo and see what forks you have access to through a new dropdown UI element.

📊 GitHub Projects (Beta) keeps improving. Now it gets support for charts on all plans.

Last but not least, a few reading items that look interesting at a first glance:

Till the next time!