GitHub Universe Highlights: Voice-Activated Copilot and More!

09 November 2022


We’re only a keynote in but there’s already a bunch of stuff I want to share with you.

📣 Copilot is getting a voice-powered buddy - Hey GitHub.

🗓️ Roadmap/timeline view is coming to GitHub Projects. To be breakable by month/quarter/year.

📦 GitHub Projects will support nested tasks lists and tracked issues (???).

🔍 The new Code Search is getting nice code context views.

🧁 Codespace templates let you quickly play with a project without ever checking it out.

💻 GPUs in codespaces.

💰 60 hours of codespaces for free for everyone!

🔄 GitHub Actions Importer will help migrate from other providers.

🥁 Large GitHub Actions runners are coming. I’m afraid that’s for enterprise only though 😞

💪 ARM development tools targeted at IoT devs are on their way too.

🤫 Private vulnerability reporting is coming to Open Source. Visible to maintainers only.

Most of the above is going into beta first. I’ll come back to you with more details later. For now, I’m going back to GitHub Universe 👾

Private vulnerability reporting is an open beta! We can enable it for any repo we want!

🔖 If you want to sign up for a beta of Hey, GitHub! (Voice Assistant for Copilot) or GitHub Blocks (Searchable, interactive documentation for your repos), you can do that at GitHub Next.

🐸 And if you’re a font aficionado, these 2 are open source now: mona-sans