Day 2 at GitHub Universe: Open Source Aid for Ukraine!

10 November 2022

GitHub Universe Edition: Day 2 🎮🎮

🇺🇦 Today’s keynote opened with a feature from on how they’re helping Ukrainian refugees during the Russian invasion through Open Source! Loads of interesting projects and donation options at their site - For info on current events and even more donation options, you can visit 🇺🇦

It’s another packed day ahead of us - stay tuned for more 🧪

🚤 Checkouts are apparently quite a bit quicker in codespaces. Duh! I really need to find some time to spend using them.

🔒 2fa is gonna be required by the end of next year all around GitHub 🎉

🕺 terraform-aws-github-runner had a presentation! Kudos! It’s a brilliant piece of software. We’re using it! See tf-aws-gh-runner. If you have a use case for self-hosted runners, please reach out!

🔓 Private vulnerability reporting is getting API and org-level setting… eventually. From what I gathered it’s not on a roadmap yet 😞 Either way, let’s discuss which repos we want this in first!

That’s a wrap for me for today - attended a cool conference AND released a new version of Kubo - what a day 😉 I’ll go through my notes to see if I didn’t miss anything when I’m back. See you all on Monday 🌴🍹