How to work within GitHub Actions Free Plan limits?

20 April 2022

馃摎聽Did you know?

GitHub Actions usage in private repos on a Free Plan is limited to 2000 minutes per month! Unfortunately, we recently hit this limit in the IPFS org 馃槩聽Not to worry though, there are things we can do about it! Above all, we recommend setting a timeout on your GitHub Actions jobs. In the future, we also want to set up GitHub Actions monitoring across our orgs.

馃聽What鈥檚 up with IPDX?

We got a new name! Now that the team has grown beyond 1 we carefully thought about our identity and chose a new name that better encompasses our goals and values. Without further ado, the IP Productivity team becomes the IPDX team. Channel renames etc. incoming. If you鈥檙e interested in our reasoning behind the change, check out this discussion.

Unified CI for Go uses Go 1.17 and Go 1.18 now! This was shipped with a release of 2022-04-04. Friendly reminder that we now also offer Unified CI for JS. If you鈥檙e interested in joining, check out the setup instructions.


Unified CI: 175 Go projects and 35 Javascript Projects are using the to manage their workflow and get automatic updates.