New Self-Hosted Runners

12 June 2023

What鈥檚 new in GitHub? other than GitHub Universe 2023 submissions 馃榿馃槈

馃 To all the JS devs out there, you can now automatically dismiss dependabot updates to devDependencies.

馃 GitHub Actions self-hosted runners Kubernetes controller reached public beta. We鈥檙e not considering moving our self-hosted runners infra to Kubernetes at this time but it鈥檚 nice to see development in this area.

馃摫 GitHub Mobile App development is gaining pace! New features such as GHA workflow editor, pronouns support, or UI for tasklists getting released daily.

馃帹 We can now create GitHub Project Templates for orgs. We could encompass the best practices that work for our other projects already using GitHub Projects to make sure any new project we need it for doesn鈥檛 have to start from scratch 馃殌

馃挭 馃挩 Bulk updates in the board view are finally supported in GitHub projects! cc @biglep @Prithvi Shahi

馃憮 You can now inspect all pushes in GitHub UI via the repo Activity tab.

鈴诧笍 GitHub Self-Hosted Runners can now be started in a just-in-time/ephemeral mode. That鈥檚 how we鈥檝e been using them. And it was already supported by the self-hosted runners implementation we鈥檙e using. But it might make a nice little contribution for us to make to that impl.

馃攼 There are some changes affecting what it means for a PR to be approved:

  • The branch protection for dismissing stale reviews now dismisses approvals whenever a merge base changes after a review.
  • A pull request approval now only counts towards the pull request it was submitted against.
  • Merge commits created locally and pushed to a protected branch will be rejected if the contents differ from the system-created merge.

馃攳 If you were using GitHub API to search code without auth, you might need to update your scripts. The code search API requires authentication now.

馃幇 SMS 2FA can no longer be used to confirm dangerous operations in GitHub. You should update to other 2FA methods if you鈥檙e still using texts only.

馃摪 Developer experience: what is it and why should you care? It鈥檚 a really cool article about our field 馃崉 Also, a great reminder about where, why and how, we should focus; just in time for the H2 planning cc @Laurent Senta

  • DevEx puts developers at the center and works to understand how they feel and think about the work that they do.

鉂わ笍 All In CHAOSS DEI Badging initiative calls for project maintainers to reflect on how accessible a project is, how transparent communication is, what鈥檚 the experience for newcomers, and whether project鈥檚 leadership is inclusive; and to write down the results in a form of file. It鈥檚 a part of a larger All In for Maintainers initiative. cc @biglep

鈾伙笍 There鈥檚 a new official GitHub Action that helps identify stale repos.

馃寪 Applying GitOps to Ops - a pretty generic article. What鈥檚 interesting is they mention and praise GitHub Entitlements here - I really hope my talk on GitHub Management gets accepted to Universe.

鉀革笍 GitHub navigation got more accessible with better screen readers support and better keyboard navigation.

鉁堬笍 If you鈥檙e interested in what鈥檚 behind Copilot, an article about it just came out.

鈿帮笍 Last but not least, a little post-mortem after recent GitHub issues.