Introducing Roadmap View and Hierarchical Tasklists

02 February 2023

This is a highlight 2 private beta GitHub features that we now have access to 🎉


There is a new GitHub Projects view called Timeline which lets you visualize your tasks in the form of a Roadmap! It allows you to switch between three zoom levels: Month, Quarter, Year. You can add items and modify them directly from the GitHub Project view. And you can use all the other GitHub Projects features with it! Like filtering for example.

This feature has advanced to public beta now, so you can easily enable it in any org where you’re an admin. 📅


Tasklists allow you to organize GitHub issues into hierarchies by introducing 2 new types of issue relationships: Tracks and Tracked by. What’s best about them is that they come together with a whole lot of UI sugar 😍 They’re fully supported by Issues and Projects! Finally, creating tasklists is super easy. All you need to do is create a tasklist block in the issue description:

```tasklist - [ ] Here's my draft tasklist item

This feature is currently in private beta, so if you want to enable it in any other org, you’ll have to join the waitlist. 📝

Early-adopters Hall of Fame 🏆🎩

Have a look at how our internal early-adopters are using it already!

Here’s how @Prithvi Shahi set up WebRTC Roadmap set up in GitHub Projects 🥇🎩

And here’s how @biglep used task lists to track items in scope for the Kubo v0.18.1 release 🏆🏔️

Thank you for being GitHub pioneers! 🙇