Enter 2023 with Enhanced Code Search, Actions Importer, and Security Upgrades

11 January 2023

Let’s enter new year with new What’s new in GitHub? 🎉🎉

🦀 Advanced code navigation is available for Rust

🤫 It is now possible to require approval on workflow runs from private forks

⏩ GitHub CLI now comes with webhook forwarding - it’s going to be really useful for testing

📝 GitHub API docs should be more accurate now that they’re generated from the OpenAPI Schema

🔄 If you’re thinking of porting your CI workflows to GitHub Actions, you might want to join the waitlist for the GitHub Actions importer

🤨 There’s a new view where you can manage all your open GitHub sessions

🧱 In GitHub Projects, you can now turn draft issues into concrete ones in any repository you have access to - no more organization boundaries

🕐 Workflow job webhook events will support waiting state (when they’re waiting for env protection rules)

📅 Notice about repo archive status now comes with a date when the repo was archived

🗓️ API is now versioned with calendar dates

:slack: GitHub app in Slack now supports GitHub Actions workflow notifications

👶 You can rename repositories during transfer

🪦 And unarchive repos through API

🔒 The actions and reusable workflows from private repositories can now be shared with other private repositories within the same org.

🖨️ SECRET SCANNING IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON PUBLIC REPOS - I’ll look into how to enable it everywhere. Listing enablement status is accessible through the API. 🤞 so is enabling it.

🗄️ GitHub Projects now comes with automated issue archiving.

🔗 GitHub Projects now offers more linking options too.

🍝 CODE SCANNING CAN NOW BE ENABLED WITHOUT COMMITTING ANY CODE TO THE REPO - only available on the repo level and I don’t think there’s API for that but I’ll see if we could enable it on scale 👀

:eyes: There’s a public beta for org-wide required workflows. One definition, required on PRs everywhere. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

🧊 GitHub Actions now supports configuration variables - think repo secrets that are not so secret.