New GitHub Features: Org Archiving, Grouped Dependabot Updates, and Action Permissions Tool

07 July 2023

🔥 What’s new in GitHub? is back! 🔥

🤹 When we set up default code scanning, it’s going to update itself automatically whenever the set of languages used in a repo changes. You can now also choose which languages should be covered by code scanning by default. And filter alerts by language and/or path. And security searches can be performed cross-repo. That’s a lot! Reminder - we want to set up default code scanning globally once we can configure it via API.

📏 Custom repository rulesets now have configurable bypass lists… are we one step closer to enforcing branch protection rules for everyone except bots?

💬 Copilot Chat now works together with popular debuggers, providing more insights into encountered exceptions. If you haven’t signed up for Copilot Chat yet, you can do it here.

😻 Grouped Dependabot Updates!

🐧 Node actions now use Node16 instead of Node12 by default. If you missed all the fun we had with it, you can go back to this thread.

🎨 The redesigned navigation reached public beta. You can enable it for yourself via Feature Preview. And read more about it here.

🗄️ You can now archive not only repos but also entire orgs.

🔘 There’s a new button for adding task lists on issues (both in project and in classic view).

🛑 If Dependabot fails 30 times, it will stop pushing updates for that repo.

🤖 There’s a new bot in town, Merge Queue Bot. It will be used for merging PRs that are in merge queue.

🌐 How to build a Chrome extension with GitHub Copilot.

☸️ Want to learn more about the complexity of scaling projects like Kubernetes? Listen to this podcast.

💁 There’s a prompt guide for GitHub Copilot.

🔐 Cool! There’s an action out there that could help us determine what’s the minimal permissions each workflow needs.