IPDX x Security Audit

16 June 2022

馃摎 Did you know?

GitHub Skills is a new offering from GitHub which lets you create interactive courses all within GitHub. It鈥檚 backed by GitHub Actions and template repositories.

What鈥檚 new in GitHub? Every week we go through the GitHub blog, find nuggets like the one above and share them in a small summary on our Discord and Slack channel. Come and join if you want to stay up to date!

馃 What鈥檚 up with IPDX?

We performed an audit of inactive users in libp2p org. We reduced their permissions levels by submitting a PR to libp2p/github-mgmt repo. To honour our contributors we did not remove any users from the org but rather moved them to a newly created Alumni team. The goal of this exercise is to improve the security of our orgs. We want to tackle ipfs and ipld next.

Testground is getting some love! With the Bloxico team, we started dusting off the testground project. We are implementing new features for interoperability testing, and the related Kubernetes infrastructure is being worked on. The goal of this endeavour is to enable reliable large-scale distributed automated testing in our repositories. Follow along in the GitHub Project and join the #testground-dev Discord channel.